Moving From Greece To North America

seaWhen I was five years old, my family decided to move from our home Greece to Canada.  My parents had been thinking about the move for many years because of the many opportunities Canada provided.  Along with my parents, sister, and brother, my grandparents eventually moved to Canada as well.  They didn’t come live with us until I was about 10.  I don’t remember too much about Greece, just that the weather was beautiful each day and we had a beautiful view of the sea.  I do miss my relatives who still live there, but we try and visit every couple of years.

Living in Canada has provided our family with many opportunities to succeed that we didn’t have in Greece.  My father continued his career in mechanical engineering and my mother became a professor at the local university.  My grandparents also enjoy this country.  They’ve even joined the local golf club and taken up curling and other community activities.

I believe my parents made the right decision by moving our family here.  I have just been accepted into one of the best universities in Canada, and my sister is finishing her law degree at the top rated university.  Our family is succeeding in everything we do, and I couldn’t be more proud of everything my parents and sister have accomplished.