My Grandparents’ Thoughts On Our Move

I wanted to share with you the thoughts of my grandparents when we moved to Canada and when they moved to Canada.  It was difficult for them knowing that we wouldn’t be just a walk away from them in Greece.  Instead, we would be oceans and seas apart.  When I was younger, I would spend everyday with my grandparents while my parents worked.  They told me the move was especially hard on them because they wouldn’t see me everyday.  My parents told me that I was also very sad to leave them.

Eventually when we finally arranged for my grandparents to come live with us in Canada, they were hesitant at first.  They were older and all their friends were still in Greece.  Let’s just say they were set in their ways.  However, when we told them about the opportunities and the people who lived here, they decided to go for it.  My grandparents moved to Canada to live with us when I was 10.  I was very happy to have them in my every day life again.  The move was obviously a little hard for them.  Both of them could speak and understand English, but they had trouble reading and writing.  My parents quickly introduced them to our close friends as well as enrolled them in exercise classes at the local club.  My grandparents eventually became members and started making fast friends through the golf club.

By the time I was a teenager, both my grandparents were very active in our local community.  They knew everyone and were really well liked.  They played golf during the summer and curled in the winter.  When I was 15, my grandma suffered a stroke and lost her ability to function in the one side of her body.  Because they were so used to being active, this was a huge setback and she became extremely sad.  We had to find help and quickly found a company that provided best home care for seniors in your area.  They proved to be extremely nice and beneficial to our family.  They nursed my grandma back to health, and she’s even able to golf again this summer.  I guess this was the point where my grandparents had 100% agreed that moving to Canada was a good thing.  They would not be able to find support back in Greece.

golfLiving in Greece would have been much different for them.  They would have lived their normal lifestyle and lived a perfectly happy life.  However, if anything happened to them, they wouldn’t be able to access companies that helped seniors requiring professional caregivers.  This is why I am so thankful that they moved here with us because now, I’m able to see my grandparents whenever I like.  They have a huge community that supports them and have made countless new friends over the years.  My grandma suffered a huge setback, but she grew from it and has almost made a full recovery.  Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything less and am so thankful for this move.

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Moving From Greece To North America

seaWhen I was five years old, my family decided to move from our home Greece to Canada.  My parents had been thinking about the move for many years because of the many opportunities Canada provided.  Along with my parents, sister, and brother, my grandparents eventually moved to Canada as well.  They didn’t come live with us until I was about 10.  I don’t remember too much about Greece, just that the weather was beautiful each day and we had a beautiful view of the sea.  I do miss my relatives who still live there, but we try and visit every couple of years.

Living in Canada has provided our family with many opportunities to succeed that we didn’t have in Greece.  My father continued his career in mechanical engineering and my mother became a professor at the local university.  My grandparents also enjoy this country.  They’ve even joined the local golf club and taken up curling and other community activities.

I believe my parents made the right decision by moving our family here.  I have just been accepted into one of the best universities in Canada, and my sister is finishing her law degree at the top rated university.  Our family is succeeding in everything we do, and I couldn’t be more proud of everything my parents and sister have accomplished.

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